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Xop Física is a company devoted to the manufacturing and developmet of soil moisture and conductivity sensors for irrigation optimization and natural resources saving. The 21st century is being named ‘The Enviroment Century’ and now more than ever, it is important to improve the quality of the environment with initiatives to clean it and finding means to contribute to the sustainable use of natural resources.

Xop Física is a company directed by a team of experimented physicists whose mission is the development of products and knowledge to improve the water use, the production of clean energies and the saving in the energy consume.

Its main product is the soil
moisture sensor to control the irrigation and the liquid conductivity sensor.

Apart from that, Xop Física commercialise conductive glass (FTO and ITO), used in optoelectronic devices sucha as dye-sensitised solar cells, organic light emiiting diodes, electrochromic devices, etc. You can buy these products online through Xop Glass.

Xop Física has been supported by IMPIVA and the European Social Fund from the European Union in the Programa Expande issue 2009 It has also participated in the Agrintel project from the Conselleria d’Industria Comerç i Innovació with funds from the European Regional Development Fund.


Conductive Glass
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Xop Física involved in Agrintel project

an intelligent platform for the monitorization of vine-growing processes